Harry’s sports ALL your Favorite Premium and Super Premium Cigars from Punch to Davidoff, Gurkha, Arturo Fuente and MANY MANY more!

And to keep your Cigars PERFECT, Harry’s has Florida’s ONLY 100% Spanish Cedar Walk in Humidor (The preferred Wood for ALL Humidors) Spanish Cedar is EXTREMLY Expensive, which is why no one does it! And with the use of Advanced Humidification Equipment and an “Engineered” Air Conditioning System, our “Walk In Humidor” is ALWAYS at 70 Degrees and 70% Humidity, which is Monitored Constantly throughout the day to keep your Cigars PERFECT Every Single TIme!

We even take readings on the Humidor 3-Times a day and write it in a “Log Book”… WHO does THAT anymore ? Hmmmmmm? Well, WE DO! That’s what sets apart the “Men from the Boys” in the Cigar World! We take PRIDE in having the VERY BEST Maintained Humidor I’ve ever encountered! Come TASTE the Difference!!!

FUENTE’s “CASA CUBA” closest thing to a “Cuban Cigar” you can Get!

Carlos Fuente wanted to Create a Cigar reminiscent of the Old Days back in Cuba. Carlos along with his Master Blender worked 26 years searching for the PERFECT Blend of Fine Tobaccos to make this so! Thus the “CASA CUBA was Born! You can NOT buy Casa Cuba online, OR even outside of the State of Florida! And ONLY at “Brick & Mortar” Cigar Shop’s! And WE GOT EM!

TONS of Liquor “Infused” Cigar’s!! Including Gurkha’s famed “Grand Reserve” Infused with “Louis the XVIII” Cognac! AMAZING!

These are just a FEW of our “Super Premium” Cigar’s Harry’s Offer! There’s just too Many to list here, so C’mon Down and Browse our Walk in!

GURKHA! The Makers of the Most EXPENSIVE Cigar in the World! And we have a BUNCH!