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I opened Harry Smooth’s back in May of 2005 because I, like many, was SICK & Tired of going to Cigar Shop after Cigar shop and finding the same ol thing…Clerks that knew NOTHING of Cigars or the Experience of Smoking a Fine Cigar. The more places I went, the more disgusted I got with what I found…You ask them a Question about Cigars and if they didnt know….they would bullshit me! So I said to HELL with it, I’m going to open my OWN place and give the Cigar Smokers what they want! A Small, Down Home, Traditional Cigar Shop offering GREAT Super Premium Cigars, at a Fair Price, with KNOWLEDGEABLE staff that can answer their questions! Thus Harry Smooth’s Tobacco Shop was Born, and almost 17 years later, we’re still here and Surviving! Almost TWO DECADE’s of Service to our Fine Customers….

NOW that I said all THAT Shit,…look where I’m at now! LMAO! I have a “Pretty little Clerk, that knows “Diddly” about Cigars, (but learning all the time!) The New Boss is a Woman, a DAMN GOOD WOMAN at THAT, but again, not much knowledge of Stogies….(More than most other Women ya know though!), and I have to Apologize to you guys for that. I became I’ll, and have been sick for over 4 years now, down to 165 from 220lbs, and feel like Crap all the time…..so I did what I HAD to do, but we’re STILL buzzin right along! Even in this CRAP Economy my Loyal Customers are still Coming! And I would like to Thank EACH and EVERY one of you for that! I TRULY Love you ALL!

P.S. Not to worry my Friends…..I’m STILL in the background and have the Final Word! And I check that “Walk in Humidor” at LEAST 4 times a week! So if ya have a Problem, drop me a line! Harry@harrysmooth.com and I will do my very best to get the situation resolved quickly! Thanks so much guys, thank you for sticking in there, thank you for sticking by me all of these years and most of all thank you for being the best customers a guy could ask for!

Harry Smooth’s “Miss December”…..a REAL Mans DREAM! Just needs a STOGIE! LOL

Thanks Folks!

Harry Smooth